Does Jelly Baby Photography do other types of photography?

YES! I specialise in newborn photography, but if you need a photographer for something else… JUST ASK!!

I don’t do wedding or event photography.

When is the best time to book my newborn photography session?

It is best to book your newborn session as soon as possible while you are pregnant, as once the session availabilities are all booked, it is sometimes difficult to fit in last minute sessions.

All bookings will be given top priority for sessions scheduling when your baby arrives. If your baby is already here, please email asap as I do try to fit in Newborn sessions wherever possible.

When should I call to schedule my newborn booking?

To allow me to juggle the newborn session scheduling around the births, it is best to text message or email me soon after your little one arrives so the session can be scheduled within 2 weeks of birth.

When Is the best time for my newborn to be photographed?

Newborns are best photographed under 10 days old. This is when I can capture the sweetest sleepy newborn shots…  they are so tiny at this time, with the “newborn curl” that doesn’t last long as the grow so quickly….  best not to miss it!!  Of course I can always work older babies and with open eye wide awake shots too.    However, babies older than 10 days tend to be less sleepy and more difficult to pose. Newborn sessions are generally scheduled  around 10 am as they tend to be more sleepy and easier to handle in the morning compared to afternoons.

What should we wear?

Before the session begins, please ensure your baby in just his/her nappy and snuggled in a blanket. That way we will not disturb baby too much if they have fallen asleep already!  I have plenty of props and wraps etc to dress your baby in for the photos.  Please let me know if you have any specific sentimental blankets, toys, hats, or headbands etc that we can use in their photos.

Parent + newborn photos always work better with plain black or white clothes. (Unless it is a styled session with a makeup artist and stylist on board.)  Dads – No logo T-shirts!!    Skin to skin contact in photos with your baby also looks lovely.

Where will the session take place?

Studio sessions are held in my home studio located in Langwarrin Victoria.  I photograph in a nice warm room with studio lighting.  If needed, i also use some white noise/heart beat sound to help calm your baby. Having this background noise is helpful as this will help your baby from being startled by any noises during the shoot. Photo sessions can also take place outdoors (No wind or rain) beach, bushland, and other interesting locations make for some beautiful photography.

How do I prepare for the session?

Starting the session just after a feed and when baby is due for a sleep is ideal.  Baby will need to be stripped down to his/her nappy and wrapped up nice and cosy so when they fall asleep we don’t have to remove any clothing that may wake them up.

How long will the session last?

Newborn session generally take 2 hours.  Other types of photography usually 1-2 hours.

What if my baby cries or is cranky?

Sometime babies have “off” days or are hard to settle..  these things happen!  It is ok!  Don’t worry or let it stress you out!  If we are unable to settle your little baby to capture some shots, we can simply reschedule.

Do I have to be in the pictures?

No you don’t have to be in the photos, but it may be nice to have for you to have to look back on in 10 years time with your beautiful little bundle in your arms.   Your baby might also appreciate and love to have a photo of themselves with their mum and/or dad when from when they were a newborn.  It makes a lovely keepsake!

Sibling Photos?

If I am photographing young siblings, it is easier for all if we have another person there to help by being a spotter for the baby, or to help sibling/s into position and keep their attention long enough to grab an awesome shot!

Please email  Info@jellybabyphotography.com.au  for more information!